How to get a snapshot from a camera via email when an event is detected?




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    Jasper Leenknegt

    Nice feature!

    Would it be possible to have a link in the email that goes to the cloud proxy

    Now its only local (Play archive from the local network)

    Or you need to portforward 7001 in your router (Play archive from the web) 

    Or if you open it on a mobile device a link to open the NX mobile app maybe?

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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Jasper,

    My apologies for the delay in the response. 

    No, we do not offer an option for a link to the Nx cloud. You could submit this request into our New Feature Ideas section in the Nx Community. 

    Regarding opening links on Nx Mobile, from v4.1 we will offer push notification for all cloud connected systems. You can download and experiment with this feature in the recently release Beta version of v4.1 which you can obtain via and head to the Beta tab and download the version for your preferred OS. 

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