Replace a camera and recover related archive footage.




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    Jason Hurd

    This should really be a feature available through the interface and the process refined. I have to shuffle 2TB of data just because I changed a camera. I would imagine there would be worse scenarios as well.

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    Lazer Wiesner

    yeah i would love to see the option to update the mac address (instead of deleting 10 cameras and adding it back in)  or a reindex and mac refresh... 

    i just replaced 10 cameras with a system that has 8 HDD drives and it was a pain in the **** to keep the old footage, renaming all the folders to the new mac and deleting all the cameras and adding it back in to update the model and mac address.....

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    Sergey Yuldashev


    Believe me, I know that pain!

    This is already in the roadmap for 4.1.

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