How does Nx Witness manage storage?




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    Mr. Duong

    How many days is data recorded and stored on server by default?

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    Neil Hatton


    Is it still the case the below (NX writing RAM to disk - once per minute) happens in ver 2.5 and 2.6?

    •The Nx Witness Server writes captured IP video in RAM to available storage (internal hard drives, DAS, or NAS) once per minute..

    How much RAM is reserved for each camera? I calculate 40.8MB may be needed for 3MPIX camera @ 25fps and high quality (5.5Mb/s);

    5.55Mb/s / 8-bits = 0.687MB/s * 60-secs = 41.25MB?

    What happens for cameras at higher rates? I've often seen cameras running VBR (variable bit rate) running much higher rates with high scene changes and\or low-light\noise.

    I've also seen occasional INFO events = "Slow HDD, NX slowing recording". Is this NX trying to slow the camera (if optimized) to fit within buffer limits?

    Also, is there a relationship between .mkv file sizes and the buffer - looking at my 1080 25fps files seem to vary between being written every 1 to 4-minutes, but always about 32-35MB in size. Could this be the appx buffer size?

    This is a good document regarding disk storage :-) Would you have similar for buffering within NX?

    Best regards,

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