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    Lloyd Riley

    I would personally keep this seperate so that I can diagnose any issues that may happen down the line with my storage hardware.

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    Miguel Câmara


    In my experience, I would actually create one volume per HDD.

    NxWitness has a very robust way of managing the reading/writing to multiple HDD's, balancing the load between all the connected HDD's, see this Article about how storage is managed by Nx.

    I feel that this gives you the most flexibility, even compared with RAID5/6/10 solutions, as this requires little to no knowledge of the RAID setup or maintenance, you concentrate all storage management into NxWitness as well as any warnings about storage.

    If you require redundancy, which is why RAID5/6/10 could be desirable, you can activate the Storage Backup funcion of NxWitness itself.

    You can setup 1 or more HDD's which will do backup recording.

    In this way you can still have the redundancy of not losing recordings, and you will not have to have the same size HDD's for the RAID, and if any HDD fails, you jjust need to replace that HDD and will still not lose recordings, if the Storage Backup is correctly setup.

    Since you are doing 1 volume per HDD, one NxServer can have Storage targets in multiple NAS, where any of them can be set as backup.

    The best part is that Nx will manage all the system without interruption, always knowing where each recordings are, and if the main system is not available will playback from the Backup without any intervention from IT.


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    Andrew Sharrem

    Great answers. Also...

    v5.0+ summary relevant release note:

    • Improved storage management and reduced the chances of storage conflicts when using the same storage path for multiple Servers.
    • Introduced the isFilePathPrefixedWithServerId Server configuration option (default value of 1).
      • It adds a Server GUID to the archive path when recording new footage. Originally implemented in the 5.0 release.
      • This setting can be changed without losing the archive. VMS Server checks both folders for reading.
      • Users can revert the storage structure back to the old version if desired.
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    Norman - Nx Support

    I would second what Miguel Câmara said.

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