Doubt in image recording

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    Anderson Chang

    Hi Hallan Souza,

    May I know the details of your storage volume and the cameras?
    Such as the amount, size of the storage volumes, and the amount, resolution, FPS of the cameras.
    Could you also share the screenshot of the following page?
    - Server Settings > Storage Management
    - Server Settings > Storage Analytics

    According to your description, it is likely that the storage volume is not sufficient for recording 30 days of video.
    The Nx Server will start to do the recycling once the storage volume is getting full, so the new video recording can be saved.
    Please visit the Nx System Calculator to calculate the required storage size for storing 30 days (or more) of video recordings.

    The Max Days for the recording, the function you referred to on the screenshot, is for limiting the maximum days for preserving the video recordings.
    The server will remove the video recordings if it has exceeded the Max Days setting.
    This function does not guarantee that the Nx Server will preserve the video for the setting days, since sufficient storage volume is required for preserving the video, and there is nothing the Nx Server can do with an insufficient storage volume.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.
    Thank you.

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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Hallan Souza,

    Since the system mentions:

    my server is accusing a lack of disk space

    Did you check the storage? Could it be an external storage with the trash bin still enabled? Or two systems writing, and this competing, for the same storage pool?

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