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    Hi lenh sau,

    Fast scan is the mandatory process while a storage is getting online or the server was restarted. 
    It scans the storage for file difference, so it is not allowed to disable it and we don't have the function to disable it.

    However, per your description, there are several storage issue potentially on your system,.
    1) Please make sure if you have disabled the "trash" or "trash bin" on your NAS.
    It would be required to configure correctly while using the NAS, as the server needs to have the space for writing the new files so it would need to delete the files completely. But if the trash bin is not disabled, those files will all remain and occupy the space. It would cause the mediaserver unable to get proper and enough space. So, please make sure you completely disable the trash bin on NAS.

    2) There is not much information about your storage. You might need to tell us : 
    - If the drive is all for recording or there are some other files not belong to Nx Witness.
    - Except the HD Witness Media folder, do you have other files/folders/archive on the drive?
    - You might try to reindex the storage, as it is highly likely your storage or server could have been for long time not scan thoroughly, so the files list and real situation could be mismatched.

    In short, the scan or fast scan is to keep the storage consistency and it is required to be enabled.


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