NX 5.0 can not connect to NX cloud




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    Hi Kevin Huang,

    It could be various of possibilities. What is the 5.0 build you are using?

    1) One of the possible reasons is the security enhancement.
    Can you try to detach the system from the cloud and attach again? (A kindly reminder - The cloud users would be removed but need to re-add again)
    This could help the 5.0 system to apply the latest implementation change while talking to cloud.

    2) Can you try if you use another cloud user, will the same system still offline?

    3) Is that system the only one offline or is the issue across all the system from 4.2 to 5.0?

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    Norman - Nx Support

    The main reason were the SSL certificates, after we replaced and reconfigured it, the systems worked as expected again.

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