v5.0 client picking up old incorrect v4.2 install



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    Anderson Chang

    Hi Dion Maher,

    I would like to confirm the steps you took to uninstall and install.
    You mentioned that you uninstalled the 4.2 client and install the 5.0 client, did you also uninstall and install the server application as well?

    Please note that the bundle installer contains two individual software: Nx Server and Nx Client.
    Uninstalling one of them will not remove the other from the computer.
    Also, if you install the newer version of one of the software, will not simultaneously upgrade the other one.

    According to your description and screenshot, I assume that you only uninstalled and installed the client, therefore, the client runs on 5.0 while the server remains at the 4.2 version, I would say that the Nx Client software works as expected.


    If you wish to do the clean uninstallation of the server application then install the 5.0 version, here is the support article for your reference: Nx Witness Clean Uninstallation.

    Thank you.

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