SIA protocol (alarm system) on Nx Witness

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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Guilhem Decoux,

    Unfortunately, such features are not being worked on at the moment. Such features are more in the line of a Security Management Systems to implement such 3rd party systems that in a Video Management System.

    Currently, people build Web-Based dashboards to enable/disable partitions, and see the status of these partitions, etc.

    Tools they use are for example NodeRed. See THIS simple example. With these dashboards you can toggle the output of a web-relay, like the GJD IPAnything or similar devices that can be controlled with HTTP requests. Or, perhaps, if there is an API for the system itself, send HTTP requests to the alarm panel itself.

    Also, people use a compatible I/O devices to display an interface in the grid to toggle the outputs of the I/O and show the status of the inputs.


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