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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Rich McGill,

    It's not up to me to recommend you any specific brand, but I can recommend you watching THIS YouTube video that gives you some directions to make your choice. 

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    Ryan Flagler

    How much storage space do you need? You could always test with a RPi but you don't want to write to flash memory so you'd have to have an external drive which ends up being pretty unprofessional.

    I like Lenovo's Tiny PCs. They're small and even the lower powered CPUs are more than powerful for 3 cameras. You can only fit a single 2.5" drive in them though, so if you need more storage than what you can fit there, you've gotta move up larger.

    Disclaimer: I run this stuff at home, I'm not an installer, nor do I use it for business.

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    Edward Dickey

    Dell Optiplex with 2TB Western Digital Purple Drive and 4GB ram.


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