Change video profile on alarm



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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Sarunas,

    What you can do it set up the recording to X amount of frames per second and in case of an event, like a camera input, you can assign the action 'Panic Recording'. Panic Recording switches recording settings for all cameras to maximum FPS and the highest possible quality.

    This means that if the camera can provide max. 60 fps, it will record at 60 fps, you can't set it to max. 25 fps. 

    So not entirely what you are requesting, but I assume it covers the thought behind the question. 

    The alarm logic is not yet ready but is something that will be covered in future releases. 


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    Sarunas Pavilionis

    Thank you, Panic recording can help in my possible setup.

    When alarm logic will be released? Preliminary date?

    Also, maybe, this Panic record feature will be available not for all, but also for individual cameras, or selected cameras groups?

    Or add possible third streaming from cameras and switching between them on any event?

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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Sarunas,

    I don't a have a preliminary date yet.  
    The panic recording is for all cameras, not for just one. 

    We only utilize two streams, in general, the primary and secondary stream. 

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