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    Tony Luce

    Hi Gyver - 

    Nx Witness does not utilize GPUs other than for some YUV rescaling (e.g. moving things around on the Desktop Client). All decoding is done on the CPU. We have an adaptive scaling technology that is at the core of what makes Nx Witness lightweight - so if you are forcing the Desktop Client to decode 15 HD or HD+ streams you're going to see high CPU usage. Alternatively, if you let Nx Witness optimize your cameras and settings it will pull 2 streams from each camera - a high res stream and a low-res stream (e.g. 480 x 270). Then the Desktop will automatically display high and low res streams depending on a few factors. 

    You can read more about this core technology here: https://support.networkoptix.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010086473-Dual-Streaming-Adaptive-Scaling-Explained

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    samal pm

    Reduce ur secondary stream settings.
    Make primary stream recording

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    Gyver Chang

    Hi Samal, thank you for your reply!


    Does your recommendation help in reducing the CPU usage on the desktop viewer? I don't see how reducing those will help in reducing CPU usage on the NX Client. 


    Thank you :)

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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Gyver,

    Please submit this as a support ticket and we are more than happy to investigate the system to see what is causing the high CPU usage. 

    In general when the hardware resources peak, the cameras will switch from the mainstream to the substream and in this way, the load on the hardware will be less when the resolution is less. 

    More about this technology can be read HERE


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    Gyver Chang

    Thanks Norman, I will submit a ticket for this issue!

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