Manually add cameras via rtsp primary AND secondary streams.




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    Tony Luce

    Hey Paul - we call this the "create a camera" feature and we're working on it.

    With regards to Hikvision disabling ONVIF by default - in v3.2 Nx Witness will re-enable ONVIF in Hikvision cameras automatically.

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    paul chandler

    Thanks Tony, looking forward to both.

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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Paul,

    Just to let you know. With the release of Nx Witness we added the option to add the RTSP primary and secondary stream to the system. First, you add the primary RTSP stream and after it was added you go to the camera settings menu, tab advanced and here you can add the secondary RTSP stream and you can benefit from the advantages of dual-streaming. 

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