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    Tony Luce

    Hey Marcel - 

    As we like to say - anything's possible. Do you have a customer or project that has this requirement now? 

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    TY Li

    Hey Tony

    Is there any update about this issue ?

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    Marcel Claassen

    I forgot to respond to this myself.

    We add our devices to vehicles and on our devices we must be running multiple applications. There are different requirements per application though. There are high and low prio applications and using docker we can restrict resource usage.

    I already created a docker file that is working but it could be probably be build much more effective. It also is hardly tested so that's why my question was on the docker image. In our case it provides us means to manage resources

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    Tony Luce

    Marcel - 

    Feel free to write into support for any issues you face as we may be able to offer insight. We're a bit resource constrained at the moment and are unable to focus on a docker-specific solution, but anything you learn during the process would be great for you to share.

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