Ubuntu delayed client startup. Anyone know how?




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    Andrew Sharrem

    Any of the 2 workarounds I use:

    • set your IP address in /etc/network/interfaces
      This has the advantage of setting up your network before the GUI loads.
      The disadvantage is the network is not managed by GUI tools etc.
    • Install & merge the Nx Server on the AutoStart client.
      Connect the client to a local/basic Nx user account on the loopback address
      The client can connect to itself and allow the network & system to come online slowly.
      Recommended: Disable Nx storage drive on the Auto Start client/server.
      Advantage: the client is now part of the hive with all the advantages of a hive server.
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    paul chandler

    Good point. Hadn't considered the router/gateway is restarting too after a power restore (duh). Got stuck on the idea the client was booting first. Would rather not install the server app on the miniPC, but your idea makes sense.

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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi paul chandler,

    Ubuntu has a feature for that called Startup Application Preferences, which you can find in the Apps menu.

    If you Add an application, instead of just point to the bin file, you add a piece of bash before it.

    So, instead of the default command:


    You set the following command:

    bash -c "sleep 60 && /opt/networkoptix/client/"

    This way, the startup will be delayed with 60 seconds, allowing your system to be ready to connect.



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