Mobotix integration (MxPEG and easy add)



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    Tony Luce

    Hi guys - already being tracked in our feature roadmap. Good points.

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    Visus Support

    Hello Everyone,


    Is there any news on the integration of MxPeg?

    I had not even noticed that in MJPEG URL integration if the camera is above 1Mpx, we cannot activate motion recording.

    Well, an MJPEG camera uses a LOT of HDD space... if we can't even do motion detection, it's really bad when it's 1 Megapixel or above.


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    Tony Luce

    Hi guys - 

    No updates yet!

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    Lieven Samijn

    Hi, I have a demand for taking over and expand an installation that has already 12 Mobotix cams. any news on this topic or is this closed?


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    Miguel Câmara

    Hello Lieven,


    As far as I know, MxPeg is still not supportedin NxWitness.

    However Mobotix did develop their firmware to support RTSP and ONVIF with H.264.
    The ONVIF and H.264 support is limited only to their latest cameras Mx6, unfortunately.

    If the Mobotix cameras you have in the installation are of Mx4 series (M14, D14, D24, M24, etc) then you can update the firmware and use a RSTP MJPEG stream.


    This will however consume a lot of bandwidth and storage.

    After updating you have to activate the RTSP stream by going to the "Admin Menu -> Integration Protocols" menu.
    You will have to do a reboot for it to accept the change.


    You can then add the camera to NxWitness through the address which is reported in the same menu.
    It should be something like this:
    rtsp://<Camera IP>:<RTSP Port>/stream0/mobotix.mjpeg


    If NxWitness can integrate MxPeg through ffmpeg, then you can use theMxPeg stream to get a better, lighter stream.


    In case they are older cameras, the only way to integrate them into NxWitness is through one of their JPEG "streams", however I am not sure which one provides the best results:

    • control/faststream.jpg?stream=full
    • record/current.jpg
    • other JPEG sources include the ones defined in the "admin menu -> Image Profiles" menu

    Hope this helps.

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