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    Hi Brian Blechynden ,

    That gray screen might be called as "Broken image" or "Compression/Decompression issue".

    1) This is due to the bit rate of the camera might be not enough.
    2) This is due to the networking of the connection might be not quite smooth.
    3) This is due to the camera might not be able to provide enough FPS or performance is low.

    The issue needs and can be solved only by tweak the camera.If you have Nx Witness System Optimization enabled:
    1)  you can try to adjust the quality on the recording schedule. Reduce the Quality from Best/High to Medium/Low.
    2) you can try to adjust the bitrate on the recording schedule. Increase the bitrate. However, you need to notice that the network bandwidth might be overloaded

    Also, from the footage you provided, the camera looks like a little bit jitter sometimes. You would need to contact you camera supplier to help to to update the firmware or adjust the camera.


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    Tim Huskisson

    Brian Blechynden

    I have had a similar experience with Hikvision cameras. (looks like HIK part numbers in the video)
    Try turning off H.265 - so far as I can tell with my sites with Hik Cameras this has resolved the issue....

    Ichiro - Could this be an issue with the client machine video cards ability to decode the stream when it is H.265?


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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Tim Huskisson,

    The video cards aren't the issue. H.265 can be decoded just fine, even with on-board GPU.
    H.265 saves bandwidth (sometimes), but a downside is additional load on the SOC resources of the camera resulting in RTP package loss and/or grey frames.

    Often such issues can be resolved by reducing frames rates, resolution, bandwidth. 

    But it could also be required to increase bandwidth capacity, to provide sufficient capacity for the settings of the camera. E.g. you can't push a 4K @25fps stream over a 0,2 Mbit/s connection. Issues will occur.


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