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    Anderson Chang

    Hi Simon Faulkner,

    Could you kindly provide us with the terminal output after sending the API?

    I noticed two things that need to be corrected based on your command.

    1. The time format contains the HTTP URL encoding.
      Please replace the "%3A" with a colon ":".

    2. Specify the output filename
      Add the --output <filename> to your command.

    Additional information:
    Since you the bearer authentication token has an expiration time, please ensure you get and use the validated token with your API request.

    Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.
    Thank you.

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    Simon Faulkner

    Thank you - worked perfectly.

    It's a shame that the API documentation is broken :-(

    Sorted now, happy chappie.

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