The session expires every day




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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Adam Kubicki,

    Please update your system to and the session expiration time will be extended to 30 days.

    Build: 35745
    Password: x7fivl

    Ps. this build contains several fixes for known issues, and therefore we encourage to upgrade.

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    Calvin Wientjes

    Is there anyway to make an option to extend the length of cloud login timeouts. Every 30 days is too often for many of our customers. We get calls often from customers not realizing all that happened is they were logged out of the app. If they’re at home they always see the local system click on it, and their cloud account doesn’t work. Or some of our customers use cloud logins as a live monitor of multiple cloud systems and they go off every 30 days. Mouse and keyboard usually are tucked away somewhere and forgotten because it’s purely a viewing station. Creates a headache.

    Best would be an option to extend sessions to indefinitely. At least a pop up explaining what happened pointing the user back to a wave sync login instead of them having to remember it’s not the giant icon in the center with the name of their business but the log in to wave sync icon. 

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