intercom/doorbell recording




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    Anderson Chang

    Hi R DS,

    I am afraid that is the current limitation on the Nx Mobile Client.

    Supporting Bookmark function on the Nx Moblie Client has been discussed and designed internally.
    However, I am not able to provide a firm schedule for when it will be released.

    Please follow our future release note for information about this function.
    Thank you.



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    R DS

    I have managed to sort out a workaround in the meantime

    When the intercom is pressed, I use a generic event to turn recording on (Instant, fixed duration of 10s)

    Despite having the pre-recording and post-recording options removed when choosing 'fixed duration', it actually records from ~5s prior to the button press (which is useful - allows me to see the person approach prior to pressing the button)

    I can then navigate to the recording using the Previous Chunk controls...

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