Power outage now HDD/SSD not fast enough



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    Anderson Chang

    Hi Jeremy Warnock,

    Please refer to this support ARTICLE for the explanation of the log entry you find.

    Here are a few questions for clarifying the issue.
    Do the log entries and issue still persist after some time?
    Had your NAS connected to a UPS when hit by the power outage?

    The Nx Server will perform the fast scaning on the video archive at every start-up, therefore, the loading will be higher on the storage volume during the fast scanning.
    If the server does not report Not Enough HDD/SSD speed for recording to D:\ HD Nx Witness after it finishes the fast scanning, you can ignore it since it is just a temporary issue.
    You will find the progressing bar on the Server Settings > Storage Management page if there is ongoing scanning.

    If the issue persists after the fast scanning is finished, there might be some bad blocks or other hardware issues on the hard drives.
    Please stops the recording on this storage volume, then perform the disk check to see whether there is any hardware issue on the disks.

    Thank you.

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