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    Anton Babinov

    Hi Yihsuan,

    Virtual cameras usually used to import previously recorded footage to the archive and there is no live stream to access for such cameras. As a result, when you accessing rtsp://<cameraId>, mediaserver fails to find live stream for requested camera.

    However, you can access archived data for Virtual camera. Here is an example:

    1. Get to list of recorded time periods for virtual camera:
    "error": "0",

    "errorId": "ok",

    "errorString": "",

    "reply": [


    "guid": "{726a51c4-d15e-34d9-c394-19b7bcf9402e}",

    "periods": [


    "durationMs": "1328618",

    "startTimeMs": "1650802821000"






    2. Open rtsp steam with specifying position parameter:

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