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    Anderson Chang

    Hi Phuoc Le,

    When setting the Nx Witness to do the recording on Object or Motion, Nx Witness will only save the video when there are objects or motions detected.
    Therefore, the storage requirement will vary from site to site, depending on how busy the environment is.

    There are two options that may help:

    1. Use the System Calculator
    We do have a System Calculator, but it is for calculating the required storage volume for continuous recording with certain cameras and days.
    Therefore, you would need to do some math before using this calculator.
    Estimate the total time that the object or event would appear within a day, then multiply with the days you would like to keep the recording, you should get a proximate total length of the video to keep.
    Then, use the System Calculator to calculate how much storage volume is needed with the number of cameras and the total length that you calculated.

    2. Refer to the Storage Analytics
    If you have deployed the cameras and set the object or motion recording for some time, you can go to Server Settings > Storage Analytics page, and find out how much storage volume has been occupied by the certain camera in the past time.
    Then, calculate the required storage volume for your desired with this number.


    Please let me know if you have any further questions.
    Thank you.


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    Phuoc Le

    Hi Anderson Chang,

    Well noted, So far, Nx has the plant to update the system calculator (5 new function recordings)

    Thank you, 

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