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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hello Jan v Gestel,

    Common issues for network issues are limited hardware resources on the camera side.
    Typically, the camera isn't fast enough to answer the TCP requests from the server and the server will disconnect the connection, and start again. Often this gives the camera enough capacity to answer the requests that piled up and avoids gaps in the recording as much as possible.

    You can see this with Wireshark, but you have to follow the applicable conversation in the whole Wireshark file. Typically, you'll also see a fair number of retransmission packets in the tracefile.

    The common solution is to reduce one or multiple of the following parameters:

    • Resolution, the lower, the less load on the SoC.
    • Frame rate, the lower, the less load on the SoC.
    • Codec, H.264 is less demanding than H.265 for the SoC.
    • In-camera analytics, reduce the number of rules per device.

    Another cause could be multiple devices pulling the stream simultaneously.
    If this is required, it is best to pull the RTSP stream from the server.

    Also, due to the timestamp of the notifications, I assume the rule is enabled for a user with the role Owner and Administrator, this way you'll receive 2 notifications about the same, since Owner is an Administrator as well.


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