Raspberry Pi 4 2GB



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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Kirk,

    Officially the Raspberry Pi 4 will be supported from Nx Witness 5.0 and onwards, but the hardware specifications should be just fine.

    So far we only support the Raspberry Pi 3B+, which is a far bit more lightweight than the RPI 4, so you should be fine with the RPI4 2 GB, since the RAM is four times bigger than the for the RPI3 (512 MB) and CPU is also more powerful.

    I have the RPI Zero W 2 running here (which is unsupported) and runs just fine so far with quite a few devices connected to it. Be aware, that for most single board computers, the SD card is that weak point and moving the resources to attached storage is highly recommended, otherwise a corrupt SD card will happen sooner or later.

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