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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Brendan Dodd,


    I've been requested by a client if it's possible to still use NxCloud logins, but only permit the desktop application. They dislike the idea of the mobile app.

    Unfortunately you can't prohibit the Nx Mobile application from accessing the system. Without the Nx Cloud connection, you should be able to configure the network and decide which devices are allowed to communicate together, and you could block the access for mobile connections.


    Also, in support of this idea, the watermark function doesn't work on mobile, which is a possible way for footage to leak without the watermark. I.e. by using a screen recorder on the mobile or using another device to film / take a photo.

    The watermark feature is a Desktop client, feature and does not apply to the other client applications, like the Nx Cloud, Nx WebAdmin, and Nx Mobile.

    I have created a task for our developers to create this watermark for the Nx Mobile application as well. But I assume it will be a feature request, and therefore it might take some time, if ever, this request will be or can be resolved.



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