Recommendations for a cheap supported wifi PTZ camera



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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi R DS,

    I can't recommend any brand and thus model without upsetting other brands, but assure yourself you can get firmware update and assure yourself for how many years.

    You don't want a cheap device in your network, that opens the gates to your network. In such case it is better to spend some more in the beginning when the brand has a decent Long Time Support (LTS) policy in place, instead of replacing the cameras every few years for security reasons. 

    I have a bit more expensive cameras on my house, which I bought 6 years ago, but I still can update them now and then when the improved and hardened the firmware.


    I can't see a way to filter for wifi from the supported camera list.

    That statement is true, since we do not receive such information from the device through the Onvif API calls we send to them, and therefore we cannot provide this requirement as a filter.

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