IEventMetadata's trackId and key




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    Anton Babinov

    Hi Jason Shim

    What is the purpose of the object for the event? If I put the related object id to event, it acts like "key()" below. It prevents popping up message twice.

    Do you run your tests for instant or prolonged events? There is different scenarios to consider, for example, object in the area event, which can be caused by some object. 

    Could you share your requirements for analytics events and user scenarios? Keep in mind, SDK classes attempts to provides tools to solve as much user stories as possible, but it doesn't mean all fields should be used.

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    Jason Shim

    I use the trackId for both instant and prolonged events.

    At first, I understood trackId is for id for a object causing the event, but actually it work as identifier for a event.

    It works fine for the later purpose and  I'm satisfied for it. As long as it work same without using key(), it will be OK.

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