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    Wendy Chuang

    Hi Stewart,

    The serverGuid should keep the same since you clone the image directly, and it should be considered as the same server in the software side. Please follow the steps as below:
    1. Stop the Nx service

    2. Remove the value of serverGuid from the corresponding file of your platform.
    Remember to save the change.

    • Windows registry: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Network Optix\Network Optix Media Server
    • Linux: /opt/networkoptix/mediaserver/etc/mediaserver.conf

    3. Start the Nx service. Once the Nx service start, it will generate a new serverGuid randomly.

    The best way  is to clone the image while the Nx service is stopped and the "servierGuid" has been removed from the config.

    Thank you.


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