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    Nx Support

    >> -transcoding supported on NVIDIA Jetson? 

    To support transcoding on ARM devices we need to implement GPU transcoding for different hardware encoders, but we don't support this yet. Transcoding on CPU requires too many resources even on Intel architecture.

    In what scenario do you want to use transcoding on ARM? 


    >> -there a way to run the Raspbian OS on an SSD or HDD using a SATA hat? I would like to move away from unreliable SD cards. 

    We don't provide any recommendations on specific SBC hardware, because our experience with all of it is very inconsistent. For our internal use, we use USB storage for recording.

    You might find these article useful: and

    Also, there are some typical hardware-related challenges for SBC:

    • High CPU usage when there is no network hardware (chip) support
    • Network bandwidth for the specific device is usually lower than claimed by the specification due to network protocols implementation. For example, some older hardware models implement ethernet communication via USB hub.
    • Storage recording speed can be limited. There are not many chips with PCIe bus or a dedicated SATA interface. Some hardware configurations use SATA over USB controller, which introduces limitations.
    • Some dependencies can have compatibility issues (e.g. OpenSSL).
    • Video transcoding is not supported due to limited computing power


    >> -anyone running the Jetson server and if so how does it compare performance wise in relation to the Pi server?

    We haven't done the tests yet.


    >> -anyone else using Node.Red with a powered by NX product? If so would love to chat......

    We don't, but a while ago we released some node.js code for integrations. Please, check here:




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    Norman - Nx Support

    Dan Gray, I know that there are some users who developed solutions with which work with Nx and are platform-independent. 

    I will share this topic with them and will ask if they want to engage in this topic. 

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    Fredrik Ahlsen

    I would also like to see transcoding on ARM devices.

    To be able to view high res cameras with a ok resolution in the mobile app.
    For example 12MP fisheye cameras, witch now look like s#$! when viewed in the app through an ARM based server.
    And also to be able to export video with privacy masking if/when you solvle this on the server side in Nx.

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