Axis Poe Speakers and 2N mic




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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Glenn,

    The Axis loudspeakers should be auto-discovered in Nx and audio in/out is supported. 
    I'm not aware of the 2N PA speakers. I assume they should work since most likely they share a platform with the Axis speakers. 

    2N has a really nice wiki that shows the compatibility with Nx. LINK

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    Griffin Hagler

    I can speak personally on both the Axis C-1004e Speaker and the Axis C-3003 Sip Horn, they both Auto detect when “Auto Detect Devices” is enabled on the NX Server. From there, it’s extremely easy to simply create a New Rule in the NX Rules and Events engine, choose the trigger device like motion on Camera A, then select the Axis Speaker as the device to use upon the trigger. I set up mine using the http url method to trigger audio clips stored on the Axis Speaker it’s self, simply by Copying the http url from the Axis Speaker for the specific audio clip, which included the volume and # of times to play the clip upon posting the URL (on local network) and simply adding that URL in the last step of the Rule Setup in Nx. I also use the do not repeat/trigger less than every 2 minutes on the rule so the triggers don’t start the audio clip play over before the first trigger is complete. The URL needed to use is the one that is on the speaker’s own device menu page. I have systems with 10-15 speakers/hours grouped together so I only have to send the trigger to one URL and it uses the multi-cast via Axis Setup of Grouping. No Axis Audio Server required for that in my case, just the speakers on the same local network. I do suggest, setting the leader axis speaker to record in Nx and set it to Max 1 day record time for the device on the Nx Device menu “Camera Settings menu on Nx” even if you don’t want to record the audio, I experienced that they would show offline unless I set to record for the minimum amount of time of 1 day on Nx Client. Also, I had to have Professional license per speaker that I wanted visible on Nx Client and had to set each to minimum record where I wasn’t simply using the leader to trigger the audio. But the multi-cast grouping resulted in greater success for site wide announcements when using in Rules and Events engine so that the Audio was Synchronized when it played. If not, they get the commands slightly out of sync depending on latency if it’s a spread out network with multiple switches and copper to fiber trunks back to other switch via copper. Hope that helps a little, it took some time to work out the bugs but is flawless once it’s done and 100% debugged. Extremely consistent experience and reliability for trigger off of motion and analytics events for trespassing announcements, etc.

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