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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Leroy,

    Streaming video from Nx, isn't a problem. 

    In our server API, you can find the right information to construct the right URL. 

    You can find the right URL format via the WebAdmin page, in the tab For Developers, section Server APIAPI Testing Tool. Here you scroll down and look for the Video API, section RTSP Streaming as shown below.

    In most cases, the Play option will do just fine.

    This will require the following URL format;


    For example: rtsp://admin:TopSecret@

    Note; in this way, the credentials are broadcasted as well, but you can use hashed credentials to avoid this. 

    The hardest part would be to develop the backend for something like VoetbalTV and the web application and mobile app. 

    But the URL as mentioned above can be used to broadcast any stream to any other application through Nx Witness. 

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