Got my NX Witness integrated with for notificiations!




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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Dan, 

    Thank you for posting this integration with our community. This what we like to see happening in our community, users sharing their integrations and solutions with other community members to learn from each other and share experiences. 

    I will inform our team, regarding the enhancements you proposed, and will ask them to look into this and explain how and if it can be done and if not, give it in consideration for future releases. 

    For Enhancement 2; you could try to add the following string to your HTTP request; 


    Not sure if it will work with, but with many other applications it does. 

    The cameraRefs are the cameraIDs which can be found in the 'Advanced' tab in the 'Camera Settings menu, or with the server API call ending at:

    /ec2/getCamerasEx or /ec2/getCameras?extraFormatting).

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    Dan Haller

    Thanks Norman,

    I already have my URL launching to the right camera - that is not the issue.

    Before I bother you any further - I do plan to update to 4.0 Beta as there have been some improvements in the Do HTTP Request area and I do not want to ask for something that is already there.

    I will put together some thoughtful ideas.  But bottom line, what I could not accomplish:

    1) Start the playback in at the right time (perhaps rewinding 10 seconds) from the time of the Motion Alert.  It is painful in this GUI to adjust the time - it is not a problem with the Desktop GUI or the Android GUI because of the Motion Search.  This may require some new query string options to be added to the nxvms pages and a way from the HTTP Do Post to use (%%alert-time%%-10) or something like this so that the URL can be populated automatically without me writing code.

    2) Every motion alert is for a different camera and it would nice to be able to pass the right data.  NOTE: the GUID from Nx Witness camera data is totally different from the URL format used today. This is not a big bother as I do have the right camera launching - and I only have 4 now :-).

    3) The accepts an image attachment - so, if I could refer an image from the time of the Motion Alert that somehow added in the Do HTTP Post as multi-part mime that would be great.  The only other way to do this is for me to create my own middleware daemon that accepts an HTTP request from Nx Witness then uses the REST API to Nx Witness to gather all the data needed and then send the request to  Possible yes.  I could certainly do that but it would take some time.

    If Nx Witness develops their own Push notification to another solution that would be fine by me too, in the meantime my integration was very low cost and about 75% to where I want it.


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