Nx Meta: Nx API access from the plugin




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    Sergey Yuldashev

    Hi Jason,

    That is reasonable.

    We have already discussed it internally but it will not get into SDK before official Nx Witness 4.0 is released.

    But you will definitely see REST handlers as a part of SDK in future.

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    Mike D

    Hi Sergey,


    Has this been implemented yet? I would like my plugin to access every system feature offered by the API.


    Thank you.

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    Nx Support

    Hi everyone,

    Just stumbled upon this thread.

    Sorry for not bringing any good news, but we still don't have this feature. There is a possibility that the feature is going to be introduced in v. 4.2 though, but I can't be certain about it right now, because this version's scope is still not finalized, so cannot gurantee it.


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