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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Aaron,

    The model number you provided corresponds with an analog model. 
    You can use analog PTZ cameras with the help of an encoder that also supports PTZ and the right telemetry protocol. 

    You can check these in our supported device list and go for the advanced search option and search for encoder+PTZ. 
    If you find your models, please check in their documentation if they also support the corresponding telemetry protocols. 

    If the camera is not yet in your possession, I would consider buying a network camera over an encoder and an analog camera. In case of RedVision this would be the RVX-IP30-IRWL-W which seems to be the same model but as a network camera.

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    Aaron ONeill



    sorry its the IP version RVX-IP30-IRWL-W, just done a factory default on the cam as we have had issues with onvif on other platforms.


    Seems to be semi stable now, but cant set the second stream via nx to a 16:9 resolution.  Wlll keep having a play, is there any know issues/bugs?



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    Norman Graafsma

    I will create a support ticket for you and continue the conversation from there. 

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