low end server for just one simultaneous camera




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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Jonas,

    Currently, we don't have any plans to build a version for MIPS architecture, maybe in the future. 
    I would recommend submitting this request to the New Feature Ideas section of this community. 

    Regarding low-end servers, we provide builds for ARM-based platforms, like Raspberry Pi and Banana Pi. Feel free to try these builds for other ARM-based platforms, but be aware that there is no official support for these yet. 

    After the release of v4.0 we will, after validation, support more ARM-based platforms. 

    Be aware that the ARM builds were intended for developers and are very likely to cause a bottleneck in merged systems and would have its limitations opposed to x86 platforms.  

    What could be considered is to use an x86 or ARM device and run a router application like OpenWRT or similar that matches your requirements and install our server application as well.  

    You can obtain our software via my.networkoptix.com

    Via THIS LINK you can see an impression about how our software performs on relatively low-end hardware.

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    Sam Buratto

    I know this is a little old now. But for a single camera instance could you look at maybe the new Raspberry Pi 4? Specs are pretty impressive and should easily be able to handle a camera or two.

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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Sam,

    Thank you for the addition. 

    Due to the architecture of the RPI 4 (64 Bit instead of 32 Bit and some other differences), you can't use Nx Witness yet on the RPI 4, but we are considering to create a build for the RPI 4. 

    The RPI 3B+ handles a couple of cameras just fine (up to 12). 

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    Aaron Saks

    A raspberry pi 4 version would be amazing!!!

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