how nx witness save video between two server if one server fail and back work again




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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Nyein,

    The camera will record on Server A and when it fails over, it will record on Server B, during the playback the system automatically know on which server the data is and you hardly notice this during the playback, except the short moment of losing the connection and the moment of failover (several seconds). 

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    yehuda jalas

    It would be nice if there would be a automated process to move the footage to the primary server (Server A)

    For example
    ServerA being a remote server with raid and high redundancy and backup

    Server B being a backup only server
    Locally to the camera only being used if the internet goes down

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    paul chandler

    The biggest issue right now is not so much moving the video from the minis to the main, but moving the smart motion metadata. I understand that “syncing” (and backing up) the motion and other metadata across the hive is on the dev roadmap.

    I tried something like that with the video files. I have a bunch of school buses with mini servers that when they return to the school daily, I wanted to backup their video to the main server over PtMP wireless. This way the video would be available after the bus servers shut down after their backup uploads have completed. That turned out to be more complicated than I thought and I learned a lot in the process. 
    I also do events like festivals and such where I will use a hive of mini servers scattered all over the venue. Moving the video from the minis to a common volume after the event is easy, moving and merging the metadata is not (at least not yet).

    I think if your prime motivation is to backup your minis, (and not knowing how mini your minis are e.g. if you have room for a second drive), you may be better off installing small, single drive NAS devices on the local mini networks and doing real-time backups to them during a failover event. Other than that, do like Norman said, let the hive be the hive and do its thing. Wait for the release that has the metadata syncing before you try and get too fancy.

    Just my 2 cents.

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