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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Lazer,

    When the connection between the Nx Desktop client and the Nx Media servers stops, by default a rule wat setup to notify you with a notification, write to the log and send an email to the administrator/owner of the system. 

    What likely is happening is that Windows 10 gets an update which involves some DLL files. 
    This might occur, randomly, after some Windows updates, and each time when it happens we try to work around a.s.a.p. but we cannot prevent this to happen for 100% since we don't and cannot know when, if and why it happens up front. Also, it seems to be hardware specific as well. 

    The necessary solution can be found HERE.  

    The best fix would be the use of Ubuntu for the Media Server application, which doesn't use the DLL files and therefore also doesn't have any issues. The Ubuntu Media server can be reached from any Nx Desktop client with any supported OS (MacOS, Windows, and Ubuntu).

    If you are looking for a more advanced system monitoring tool, I would recommend having a look at CheckMyCCTV. This company delivers an awesome and very userfriendly solution to monitor Nx Witness. 

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    Lazer Wiesner

    Im talking about a software (script) that looks to see (every 15 seconds) if the service is running and if not it starts it.

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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Lazer,

    By default, the Nx Media server starts and when it is stopped, it will automatically try to restart, unless it is forced to stop manually or stopped by another application. 

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    Sergey Bystrov

    I should work just like you want out of the box. If it does not we can investigate if you create a support ticket.

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