Enrich motion detection with Object Detection




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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Martijn,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    Actually, from v4.0 there will be some AI / Deeplearning solutions be available that work together with Nx Witness with the help of our Nx Meta video management development platform that enables solutions like Darknet YOLO to be integrated into Nx Witness. The only thing is that someone needs to sign up for our Nx Meta platform and create the integration together with our development team. 


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    Martijn Dierckx

    Was a feature request created in the backend?


    1. Please describe the benefits for us, the developer, you as the integrator, and the end-user? 

      NX: Claim you can optimise storage for users even further, by only recording events that matter. No more false positives. You can also send very specific and accurate alarms. 
      Integrator: /
      End-user: Not only a reliable/stable platform, but also a highly usable and integratable platform

      Downside = bigger investment in hardware needed.

    2. Please describe the use case? How would it improve the use of Nx Witness and what gap would it fill? 

      Instead of recording on motion, you would only record when seeing a moving pre-selected object (car, person, backpack ...)

    3. Lastly, how many licenses would we sell extra if we add this feature? Or how many licenses wouldn't we sell at all is we have this feature? 



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    Sergey Bystrov


    We will consider making integration with it. The benefits are obvious. The issue is it's a bit hardware specific. 
    You know.. a lot of people have just have HD graphics. 

    But again, looks very cool form demo standpoint(sort of WOW factor)  and very very beneficial for the storage. So we will very seriously consider doing this.

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    Miguel Câmara


    Please consider enriching the "Smart Search" feature, where instead of just have true/false in each "square" whether there is motion or not, you could have tags as in terms of objects.


    Using YOLO or another object classification AI/Deep Learning Algorithm, you could populate each "square" with the tags, so that we could do a Smart Search for cars in a specific zone of the image, and get immediate results as we already do now for simple motion.



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