Instant/preset playback



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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Glynn,

    Thank you. As our UI designer states, the idea is good, but since we have already sett the roadmap for v4.0 and 4.1, I'm not expecting this feature on a short notice. 

    But if the customer works with the bookmarks, there are two, more convenient ways to find the bookmarks than they do it right now. 

    1. Position the mouse on the timeline and scroll to zoom in (or out) on the timeline. Some mouse enables you to scroll very fast and efficient (tip! Logitech MxMaster mouse)

    2. With Ctrl+B you get the bookmark menu and can see a list of bookmarks in a sequential order which enables you to review the latest bookmarks in a quick and easy way. 

    For a better understanding of this request, can you explain a bit more how and when your customers like to use this feature? 

    You described the case for the carwash, but can you describe the use case for the other projects as well? 



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    Kieran Vella

    This would be good, the latest version of Nx always seems to take the timeline back to the very start of the archive which at the moment is 3 months ago, I'm forever scrolling the timeline right/zooming in to find relevant footage from a few mins ago.

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    Glynn Thomas

    Agreed- this is exactly why this function would be useful- especially if customisable.

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    paul chandler

    The calendar lets you pick a particular hour which gets you pretty close. But perhaps it would be as easy to add a couple more buttons to the calendar T-10, T-20, T-30

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    Aleksandr Patc

    It is a good idea, thank you!

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    Glynn Thomas

    Yea Paul, the calendar is there and kind of achieves the end result, but it still is a multiple step process to get there.

    The current version of NX by default shows all available archive (which can be months)- whereas if that default setting could be customisable, it would make the end user experience better/faster. 


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