Ability to set default camera password for autodiscover



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    Sergey Yuldashev

    Hi Paul,

    Please make sure that there's no third-party services online which could lock the camera. We've run extra tests in the isolated environment when only Spectrum Server was running with Hik cameras online. In this situation cameras didn't lock.

    But as soon as we confirm that under some circumstance Server makes cameras to lock we'll make its fix our top priority.

    So instead of making possible to edit "default" passwords pool we'd like to resolve the blocking issue itself. Just FYI, the password pool extension will definitely cause significant increase of the discovery/failover time.

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    Thank you, Paul.

    When auto-discovery option is on, once our software discovers a new device, it's automatically trying to submit default passwords/logins according to device's manufacturer. We keep default credentials per brand in our DB, which gets consistent update every once in a while. Once you change credentials manually and update the same info in our Desktop Client, our software no longer submits default credentials, only the ones replaced by you.

    If you experience issues with cameras getting locked, it's more likely specific cameras issue and cannot be resolved on our side.



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    paul chandler

    Yes, I am referring to changing the default password in the database that would apply to NEW discoveries, not individual cameras that have already been discovered.

    Let me explain it better as it relates to the latest Hikvision firmware version as an example.

    Hik cameras no longer have a 'default' password of '12345' (which is likely what is in your db).

    A new camera needs to be activated via SADP or the web interface before anything can happen. During activation, a password must be entered (min 8 characters). Then the camera IP can be changed from the default of 

    Now comes the issue... once the camera is activated with its new password and IP address and available to be discovered, Nx will try connecting to it using the old default of 12345. After x failed attempts, the camera locks for 30 minutes or until reboot. 

    What I would like is a way to change the default password in your db. Or, perhaps a more elegant solution would be to add a "Default Discovery Camera Password" field to the System Admin page. If field is not null then use that value as default for all brands, else, use the defaults by brand in your db.

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    What version of our software are you currently using, please?

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    paul chandler

    DW for both server (ubuntu 16.04) and client (Win10)

    Hik/LTS Camera FW version V5.4.5 build 170718

    You ask that like this behavior is unexpected, its always been that way for me..  am i missing something?

    I can re-create with screenshots if you like... 

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    The behavior is really unexpected, since we've implemented Hikvision API in 3.1 and this type of issue should not occur.

    Please, open a support ticket here and describe the issue you currently have with the screenshots attached.


    Thank you.

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    Jon Dillabaugh

    I know I'm late to this discussion, but I can back up Paul's claims here. It is an annoyance that we had to engineer a way around. Here is what we do Paul:

    1) Using SADP or the Batch Config Tool, setup your camera on a separate test network, or simply with a laptop and PoE injector.

    2) Create a secondary Operator account so that you can login with another credential when the admin account gets locked out.

    3) Physically install the camera on the permanent network and allow Nx to discover it.

    4) Change the credentials in Nx to match the Hikvision admin account.

    5) Log into the Hikvision camera using the secondary credentials (since the admin account will be locked) and reboot the camera. 

    When the camera boots back up, it will be presented with the correct admin credentials and should work properly.

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    paul chandler

    Jon, you feel my pain. 

    All I want to do is activate the cameras and set IP's at the shop, take them to the job-site, install them and have Nx discover and add them so I can aim them with the remote app "on-the-fly".

    I hadn't considered adding a second user to the camera, maybe for some reason I though a lockout was global, never tried it. Thanks for that tip.

    Still a pain in the a$$.

    What I do now is just add one more step at the job-site. I use a temp switch to connect the cameras about to be installed to the camera network and do a manual add for the block of IP's. I then place them in a view called "install" so they are easier to find in the mobile app when there are a lot of cameras already.

    Smaller jobs where I can preconfigure the server and the cameras at the shop is no big deal. But when adding cameras to an existing job, it could be made easier I think.

    I don't even bother with the autodetect anymore and disable it by default.

    Have a safe Memorial Day.


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