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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi cgjeon,

    When the RTSP stream isn't encrypted, it's theoretically possible for someone to intercept the traffic between the camera and the server. If this data is captured, they could filter the capture for RTP packets from a specific RTSP stream and then use a tool to reassemble these packets. After reassembly, another tool can extract key frames and save them in JPEG format.

    While the packet content might already appear unreadable to the human eye, it can still be reused in this state.

    Encrypting the communication ensures that the data cannot be reassembled, and the key frames cannot be extracted anymore. This provides an additional layer of security.

    This community is not the best place to publish how exactly to reassembly, and extract that data. I hope you understand.

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    Hi, Norman.

    I understood.

    Thank you for reply.

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