Visualizing ROI on camera using Rest API server



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    Hi Thinh,

    First, we recommend to implement and create the plugin in this case, it is the best way and the official solution. If you are wanting to create the ROI on the Nx desktop client, then it is required to have plugin created.

    Second, the ROI is a "Client" side feature , so you are not possible to draw a boundary box on the client by using the "Server" API. The Server API can provide the metadata, but it is not possible to draw the boundary boxes on the clients. Please kindly understand the server and client are different components.

    However, if you are using your own client, it is likely you are able to grab the metadata of the specific cameras from server and then you can utilize the information and data to put the overlay or boundary boxes on your "own" client for the cameras, however, this is not on Nx Desktop Client., you must have your own client for such case. (If you don't want to create the plugin)

    Last, Nx mediaserver never manipulates the existed recording/footage, so it is not possible to modify any the persisted storage. This is a forbiddent also not ideal implementation within Nx product (of course, we will not support this)

    In general, your use case should be suggested using the plugin and it perfectly matches the scope of Nx Meta, as a result, we sincerely recommend you to implement the plugin and likely it will be a better fit to your purpose.


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