POS Integration / Bookmarking & Text overlay



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    Tony Luce

    Hi Chris - I can speak to the roadmap. We have 2 features coming out in 2.4 - which should be available mid-to-late summer - that will help you with this issue.

    Feature 1 is Bookmarks. Bookmarks will allow the "tagging" of a section of video related to an event. Bookmarks can be triggered by internal system events, integrated system events via Nx dev tools, or even created manually by a user (for example a guard sees suspicious activity, or is reviewing video and notices strange behavior and wants to highlight this in case it is needed for later review.

    Feature 2 goes hand-in-hand with Bookmarks and is currently known in-house as "Generic Events". Generic Events is envisioned to allow users to create simple integrations with 3rd party systems - especially Point-of-Sale systems - and allow automatic Bookmark creation when an event is received from an external system.

    If you'd like to be a Beta tester for these features as we approach release please let us know and we'll be happy to add you to our list of Beta testers for Nx Witness.

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    Chris Kemp

    Thanks Tony, Beta access would be great! i have an old link to a Beta repository didnt get told much about it

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