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    Sergey Bystrov

    Sorry for delay.
    Thanks for the suggestion. we are going to support some joysticks.
    For now you can setup presets and you hot keys for those.

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    Jason Wallace

    To expand on this: Some VMS systems also use the mouse (click and drag on the video window) as an analog type PTZ control.

    Instead of the camera suddenly moving, you can gradually drag the mouse (when in PTZ mode) around the window, to change the speed and direction of the camera. This gives you the nice fine control people are used to with the old analog serial joysticks, but with modern IP based VMS systems.

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    Kyle Folger

    So is there currently an option to use a joystick to control PTZ cameras in 2.3. If not, when might this feature be available. I understand that you can always do the control with a mouse, but nothing beats tactile controls.

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    Damien Hegley

    Hi Guys, Is there any update on support for PTZ Control via External Keyboard or Joystick?

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    Miguel Câmara

    Is there any forecast on when will Joysticks be supported?


    Will the control be limited to some custom integration cameras (like Absolute Move functions) or for any PTZ cameras that Nx can control?



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