All devices and licenses disappeared after I removed a server from the system and added it again



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    Hi Hendrik Baekeland,

    This is likely an expected behavior or a known limitation involving the server merge transactions that will be resolved in future versions. (No ETA yet unfortunately)

    All the settings and resources evolution are taken from the transaction log of both servers and are applied one after another according to the timestamp. 

    So when you're merging 2 systems(A and B) which both had the same resource in the history(e.g. the camera X), you might get the following scenario(t_0 < t_1 < t_2 < t_3 <...):

    1. At System A camera was to recording at moment t_0 
    2. At System B camera was removed or recording was disabled at moment t_1 
    3. Systems are merged at moment t_2 
    4. As a merge step the camera will be removed or recording will be disabled as per step 2. 

    In your case, it is the license state.  As a workaround, you can attempt the following:

    1. Unmerge all servers from System A. For each server on system A go to settings tab in web admin, press detach from system and setup server as new system.
    2. Clean up each stand alone system by deleting resources from another system. 
    3. Create the backup for each unmerged system and restore from it to drop the potential transactions.
    4. Merge the unmerged servers with the larger system.


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