Adding date and time stamp and view event URL to Send HTTP Request function



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    Anton Babinov

    Hello Joshua.

    I want to add the current date and time stamp into the "Do HTTP Request" function on an NX Witness request. Is there anyway to achieve this functionality where it will get the current date and time from the system and insert that into my http request? 

    We have a task for this in our roadmap. We're planning to allow using variable like {event.source} {event.caption}, {event.description}, {event.timestamp} to customise http request. Our team is working on major redesign of the rules engine, so I can't give you ETA for this feature at this moment. It should be released around 4.3+ version, but that could change.

    In the send email function on event it contains a link where you can remotely view the NX Server and brings you to the timestamp that the event occurred. I want to insert this link into my http request as well. Can I achieve this without writing a middleware?

    Currently, writing middleware would be the only option to implement this. I've added this scenario to our user stories, so our dev team might consider implementing it while redesigning the rules engine.



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