Minimum amount of Reserved Disk Space in Nx Witness




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    Norman - Nx Support

    Dear Simon King,

    I moved your topic from the Feature Feedback section to this section.

    There are several reasons why reserved space is needed in storage:

    1. System stability: Reserved space ensures that there is always enough free space on the disk for system processes to function properly. Without reserved space, if the disk becomes full, the system may crash or become unstable. The reason is that operating system and some software applications might use the storage to temporary save files for certain operation. If this space isn't available, RAM will be used, which often might (will) lead to crashes.

    2. File system maintenance: Reserved space is also used for file system maintenance, such as defragmentation or file system checks. These operations require free space to rearrange files or perform checks, and having reserved space guarantees that these operations can be performed without running out of space.

    3. Disk fragmentation prevention: When a file system is nearly full, it can become fragmented, meaning that the data is scattered across the disk, causing slower read and write speeds. Reserved space helps prevent fragmentation by ensuring that there is always enough free space available.

    Overall, reserved space is an important aspect of storage management that helps ensure the stability and reliability of the system.

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    Simon King

    Brilliant, thank you Norman. Appreciate the speedy response :-)

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