AXIS Video Motion Detection 4 - trigger event in NX




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    Tony Luce

    Hi MIchael - 

    In v3.1 we do not support in-camera events. Motion detection is Server-side and has very little to no impact on server CPU.

    In v3.2 we will be introducing in-camera events support for Axis cameras (and a few other brands).

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    Michael Miller


    Thanks for the response.  What does the "motion on camera" event trigger do then?  I understand you guys do server-side motion on the second stream but when I use "motion on camera" event trigger with one of my Axis cameras I do get events triggering I just don't know what is triggering the event in the camera. 


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    Tony Luce

    Michael - 

    Here's a good video explaining how to set up and use Motion Detection with Nx Witness:

    Step 1: Set up your motion zones on a camera (including sensitivity).
    Sep 2: Set up rules for actions when motion is detected for a single or multiple cameras.

    Make sense?

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    Michael Miller

    Thanks for the info. I am using the Axis Q1659.  Motion detection is working fine in NX but I wanted to see if I could get NX to send me an alert when a person was located in a particular area in the FOV.  That is why I was testing the VMD4. 

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