Proxy to Access web interface for cameras on remote LAN



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    Fredrik Ahlsen

    I like the idea.

    Here you got 2 alternative ways of doing something similar:

    1. Install teamviewer on the machine running NX

    2. Put a raspberry with domotz on the network. Then you will have complete network monitoring with a built in proxy.

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    Jason Simpkin

    True on that. However I find that few issues exist with those products.

    1. Teamviewer is somewhat resource hogging option and on some networks like NX1's completely out of the question.

    2. Domotz is a neat product but when you have a bunch of systems running multi site you start to need multiple pi's and quite a lot licenses.Depends on the customers IT budget. Plus why add another system if one can do everything?

    3. Nx has already got the device info, usernames and passwords loaded in! and on a multi-site system you can access cameras and devices on multiple site with having to change connections or settings. :)

    4. Systems integration - you could be using the browser feature to bring systems together like allowing access to Access Control Web interface or other such systems on local LAN without exposing them to the internet. Now thats making NX like the Wordpress of VMS's

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    Tony Luce

    Hey guys - something we're already in the process of working on.

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    Jason Simpkin

    Well! Look at that! sounds great. and while your at it what about a better server management panel like they do at ajenti? see 

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    Steve Canning

    Glad to see you are looking into this.

    Been asked a few times for this feature. Currently supported on some manufactures but not all



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